CA Fall Recruiting Updates!

Here’s an update on the CA Night!

The firms attending are:
Manning Elliot

From what I understand it will be assigned seating, however, I have no role in the organization on that so I can’t take any requests!

Registration will begin at 2:30, and the event will begin at 3pm sharp. Remember that dress code is business formal, and don’t forget your business cards!

Also a reminder, if you haven’t yet created your LinkedIn profile, please do so soon! This link will bring you to the group, and you can create a LinkedIn profile from there:

If that doesn’t work, or you aren’t sure how to create a profile just send me an email! Don’t forget to put a profile picture on, as that will be a key part of having this group – for firms to identify you after they’ve met you at networking events.

I will have a camera at the CA Night, so if you would like a picture of you taken in your suit/formal wear, let me know and I will take one (or several), and email them to you. There is a lot of great space at Newlands to take pics. If you do want a photo taken, please try to come earlier so we don’t have to be doing that while we are trying to network as well! I will be there around 2.

Thanks everyone! Happy Networking:)


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