The Deloitte Games!

Are you in?
Have you ever wanted to be an Olympian? Don’t miss your chance to compete in The Deloitte Games – an online fantasy Olympic competition. 

Will you achieve global domination?
Dear student,
The countdown to the 2012 London Olympic Games is underway and excitement is
mounting. You may have plans to follow the action on TV or online; you might even be
fortunate enough to attend an actual event live in London. But why just be a bystander
when you can enjoy the competitive experience firsthand with The Deloitte Games?
We’d like to invite you to share the excitement and have some fun by entering your
own virtual team in The Deloitte Games.
The Deloitte Games is a simple, yet exciting, online competition that will allow
registered participants to select a “fantasy” team of nations, comprised of
international athletes who are actually competing in the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Your team scores points based on medals won in events covered by your
country/event category combination, with additional points for world records and
Olympic records. The goal: win as many medals as possible.
This is big. Connect with thousands of professionals and sports fans, from around
the globe, to experience the thrill of competition and the agony of defeat.
Register at by July 27, 2012 for your chance to compete.
Join our league Jumping Green Dot and we can compete against each other! On the
home screen on the Deloitte Games website, after you have registered, you
can enter PIN# 103725 to join our league!
Bring on the games!

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