CPA Info Update (Jan 3, 2012)

As you may be aware, in recent weeks there have been several developments regarding the unification of the Canadian accounting profession and the new CPA professional education program. The CICA, which develops and offers the national CA UFE, has confirmed that the last national CA UFE will be written in September 2014, with the possibility of a makeup UFE (only for candidates who have previously been unsuccessful) in June 2015.

CPA Canada will develop and implement the new CPA professional education program, which will be available in 2013 and has been approved as the designated qualification program by the Institutes in BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In Alberta, the Registered Accounting Professions Act requires consultation with the Government.

Students and employers should be aware that:

  • The final CASB Module 1 offering will be in May 2013, and will be the last opportunity to start the CASB program in time to write the 2014 UFE. This means that to complete the modules in time to write the 2014 UFE, students starting CASB Module 1 in May 2013 will be taking modules continuously from May 2013 through September 2014, including during the traditional “busy season” between February and May. As such, Module 1 registration will be limited to candidates planning to write the 2014 UFE;
  • CASB students who are not eligible to write the 2014 UFE will transition into the CPA program;
  • CPA Canada is developing a transition program for students who start the CASB program, but need to finish the CPA program; and
  • The western CPA bodies are discussing program delivery with CASB and more information on registration and administration of the program will follow shortly.

As the profession moves towards unification there are still many details to be worked out, and we will provide further information as appropriate. The CPA Canada website contains up-to-date information about the status of unification across Canada, and we encourage students and employers to review it at, and to sign up for email updates at Additional information is also available at

The CA profession has undergone significant education changes in the past, and it has successfully supported students through those changes. The profession remains committed to doing so again with these changes.

If you have any questions, please contact CASB or your provincial institute (ICABC link in sidebar)


2 thoughts on “CPA Info Update (Jan 3, 2012)

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