Executive Team

2017-2018 ASFV Executive Team

President: Ephraim Getahun

Front DP

About Me:

I am currently in my fourth year working towards my BBA in Accounting  Degree.  I would like to continue my education in the direction of achieving my CPA designation. Why I chose accounting as a career: I feel like accounting is the backbone of every company and that it is something that is required for a business to succeed. I love being the reason for success and I believe accounting for a business/corporation is one of the major reasons for success. When I am not at school studying, I am usually spending time with my friends and family.

What made you interested in becoming a member of ASFV?

ASFV was the beginning of hands-on experience for me. I found out about ASFV through a former student who was an Executive member of ASFV at the time. During that time I realized what a great opportunity it would be to become a part of it myself, and so I decided to run for President. I was not aware of ASFV until last year, and that is why I would like to create a bigger network for ASFV so students that students in 1st and 2nd year are aware of the benefits and opportunities that ASFV provides. The club is a great way for students to get involved with the school as well as have a fun environment outside of school. As well it provides students access to the accounting world and leads to great opportunities within the accounting field. ASFV is a newer club and not many students are aware of it. Our goal at ASFV is to enlarge our network.

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Vice President: Ashmeet Saran

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About Me
I am currently in my fourth year of the BBA Program at UFV working towards my BBA. My goal is to graduate with a Major in Accounting and a Minor in Financial Management and Economics. My ultimate goal is to achieve a CPA designation and start my own business. Currently, I work with Cascade Aerospace Inc. (Canadian specialty aerospace & defense company) as a Junior Accountant. I have been involved in the Finance & Accounting field via various positions: Family business (2008), Finance Assistant (2015), Vice President Internal and Interim Finance Manager (2016/2017). I chose Accounting because it is the most practical field to be a part of: it is needed in every industry and plays a major role in shaping every organization. Moreover, I chose Accounting because I have been around it my whole life. When I’m not studying or working, I spend my time with friends and family.
What made you interested in becoming a member of ASFV?
ASFV is a great start to a career in CPA. I got to know about ASFV in 2016 when I was a Vice President Internal for UFV Student Union Society. ASFV is such a great platform and more students need to be involved with the opportunities ASFV has to offer. The club is a great way for students to get access to the Accounting world and all the connections it suggests. I am looking forward to be the Vice President of ASFV to connect more students with ASFV.

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CPA Ambassador: Jeevin Phagura


About Me

I’m Jeevin, and I am the CPA Ambassador for ASFV.  I’m born and raised in Abbotsford, and I have been attending UFV for nearly 4 years. I’m nearing graduation from the BBA program with an Accounting major. I joined ASFV because I recognize it as a contributor to the success of UFV alumni who have followed career paths into accounting. I wanted to be a part of that influential process.


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Past Presidents

’15-’17 President – Jaskaran Gill

’14-’15 President – Sarah Reade

’13-’14 President – Chris Gillmeister

’12-’13 President – Brad Derbyshire

’11-’12 President – Derek Van Reeuwyk

’10-’11 President – Cynthia Grant

’09-’10 President – Nissa Carmack

’08-’09 President – Jesse Chong